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                              • +86-578-6136688      中文   

                              ABOUT US

                              Zhejiang Panshou stationery co.,ltd is located in Qingyuan County, known as "China's pencil production base-China's first ecological county". Our company was established in 2000. After continuous expansion and development, it now covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters, has more than 160 workers and more than 20 management staff, we has standardized production , large-scale ,modernization of the production line , and has the right to export wood slat and pencil manufacturing and sales enterprise. Our company is a key industrial enterprise and large-scale enterprise in Qingyuan County,also a director unit of the China Pen Making Association; Honors and awards:the leading enterprise of "Fu Zihao" in Lishui City ",“Top 20 manufacturing companies", "Top Ten Foreign Trade Enterprises" and so on.
                              With advanced production performances, strong technical force, annual output of a variety of middle and high - grade pencil more than 400 million pcs, variety and novel style .The product has passed the ISO9180-1988 certification adopted by the Zhejiang Standardization Association, and our company and products have passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.More than 60% of the products are exported through self-operated foreign trade or intermediate traders.The main products include suitable for pencil, eyebrow pencil processing soft poplar wood,various 12-100 colors pencils,6H-8B drawing pencils,HB pencils with eraser,strip pencils,plastic mantle pencils,heat transfer film pencils,foil wrapped wooden pencils,glitter pencils,flocking pencils,jumbo pencils and technical ferule pencils etc.Continuing to innovate in variety,leading the trend,stable and reliable quality , affordable , has been massive exports to the United States, Japan , Southeast Asia , the Middle East , EU and other countries and regions, to get recognized by the domestic and foreign merchants.The trademark of "Fir" obtained the title of "Famous Trademark of Lishui City" and the trademark of "PANSHOU" obtained the title of "Famous Trademark of Lishui City";In 2019, it was rated as "Science and Technology Enterprise of Zhejiang Province" and "Cultural Enterprise of Zhejiang Province".

                                    Our company to "quality and survival, integrity and development" for the purpose of the enterprise, "integrity to establish the factory, talent thriving factory;Be realistic and innovative, keep pace with The Times;Production safety and quality first;The climbing spirit of "solidarity and climbing to the top" is the core of enterprise culture, striving for rapid and good sustainable development, and making continuous positive contributions to national and local economic construction.